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Clarinet Anthology

The Clarinet Anthology is an effort underway to share some significant articles about the clarinet from various journals of the past.

Vibrato in Wind Playing - Simeon Bellison, The Clarinet, Fall 1950

The Art of Slurring - Daniel Bonade, The Clarinet, Summer 1951

Playing in Tune - Daniel Bonade, The Clarinet, Winter 1954

Handel and the Clarinet - R. B. Chatwin, Galpin Society Journal, March 1950

The Earliest Collections of Clarinet Music - Thurston Dart, Galpin Society Journal, June 1951

Some Light on the Chalumeau - Edgar Hunt, Galpin Society Journal, March 1961

Handel's Clarinet - Jan La Rue, Music Review, August 1960

A Fateful or Faithful Attack? - Mitchell Lurie, Woodwind World, September 1959

Brahms' Prima Donna - Bernard Portnoy, Woodwind Magazine, March 1949

The Embouchure and Tone Color - Bernard Portnoy, The Clarinet, Summer 1956

Weber's Clarinet Compositions - Eric Simon, The Clarinet, Fall 1950

Richard Muhlfeld - George Toenes, The Clarinet, Summer 1956

Early Virtuosi of the Clarinet and their Contributions - Richard K. Weerts, NACWPI Bulletin 13 #1, Fall 1964